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Christian Guardian Pillow Our Lady of Aparecida 3D image Custom Shaped Pillow

Christian Guardian Pillow Our Lady of Aparecida 3D image Custom Shaped Pillow

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Christian Dream Guardian Pillow (Our Lady of Aparecida 3D) shaped pillow that can be customized.
A unique bedtime companion designed to ensure your child's dreams are safe and serene. As a parent, you naturally seek what’s best for your child, including the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are sleeping soundly and safely. The Dream Guardian Pillow features a comforting, relatable Christian figure, serving not just as a soft, cuddly pillow, but as a gentle guardian to watch over your child. In a world where media and games often introduce characters that may not align with your values, the Dream Guardian offers a wholesome alternative. This pillow promises to be a blessing, providing your child with comfort and security, and you with the assurance that your little one is resting under the watchful eye of a protective, peaceful presence. The Christian Dream Guardian Pillow is more than just a bedtime accessory; it's a heartfelt safeguard for your child's dreams.

The outer cover is made with smooth velvet like, plush polyester, while the filling of
polypropylene cotton and it has a zipper. It is washable and it can be thrown into the washing machine.
The pillow is mirrored and in both sides with the same picture,
It can be customized to include a cloud like space where we can add your child's picture.
It is not advisable to include any text, because, as the back is a mirror of the front, if you have a custom name, it will mirror it and look odd on the back.

  • Double sided decoration with mirrored back print
  • Thickness: varies from 1.9'' to 5.91''
  • Comes in 3 sizes: SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE
inches  S M L
Width, in 15.70 19.70 23.60
Height, in 15.70 19.70 23.60
metrics  S M L
Width, cm 39.88 50.04 59.94
Height, cm 39.88 50.04 59.94

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